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Frequenze radio: cosa fa e cosa non fa

In queste ore siamo tempestati di mail (e non ci crederete ma anche telefonate) su Frequenze Radio, la nostra app per sapere le frequenze delle stazioni radio italiane in base alla propria posizione geografica. Purtroppo qualche sito ne ha dato una … Continue reading

17. February 2012 by Francesco
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Ready to use xcodeproj to ease the pain from Phonegap + Facebook Plugin installation!

No more headaches. A simple package, including Phonegap with Phonegap Facebook Plugin, ready to be launched and executed with minimum configuration. Download PhonegapBook xcodeproj And follow these instructions: 0. Create your Facebook app on; 1. Edit App Secret in DevAppFB / … Continue reading

23. January 2012 by Francesco
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Frequenze Radio hits the store

After Espresso Html,  Fornace released today another great utility app. It’s Frequenze Radio, the best (and only) GPS aided radio frequency finder in apple’s app store. Follow @FornaceStudio on Twitter for a chance to get it for free.

11. January 2012 by Francesco
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